Community & Society

Community & Society

Community and Society

Centamin’s concession agreement gives us 30 years of operation at the Sukari Gold Mine with a potential extension for another 30 years. With such a long tenure, which is supported by a long life-of-mine, we take a long term view in matters relating to the local community. 

We nurture dialogue and build relations with the local community in areas in which we operate. A stakeholder engagement system and a grievance scheme have been developed and implemented since the project design phase, during construction phase and through operation. In 2012, no material concerns were raised concerning our operations. 

Cooperating with government agencies

We recognize that building partnership with the government at all levels is critical to earning and retaining our licenses and permits to operate. Being the first large project of its kind, many of our permits were issued for the first time and many of our processes were new to some of the entities we interact with. Through a multi-facet effective interaction with different entities, we were able to secure all our official approvals, while setting several firsts within the permitting systems.

Working with the Community

Centamin recognises that it has a responsibility to support and enhance the community in which it operates. We consider good community relations as a key component of continued operational success as well as a corporate requirement. We are committed to making a long lasting positive impact on the community where we do business. We act at all times in a socially responsible manner and aim to give back to the community in which we operate.

The four key ways in which we do this are:

1. Identifying and mitigating any potential negative impacts of our activities

2. Engaging in dialogue with our stakeholders and listening to their suggestions and concerns

3. Optimising the opportunity for people from the area (Upper Egypt) to gain employment at Sukari

4. Assisting the local community with its economic development